My interest in the issue of gun violence prevention and gun safety reform comes from losing my sister in a domestic shooting. She was shot by her estranged husband during difficult and contentious divorce proceedings. Since marching in the 2000 Million Mom March in Washington D.C. I have been active at the local, state and national level and work with gun violence prevention groups and individuals nation-wide as well as victims and survivors to change the conversation about guns and gun violence. My goal is to get the majority of Americans and gun owners who agree with me to join the discussion and demand changes to our laws to keep guns from people who shouldn’t have them and kids and teens.

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    1. There are too many of us to list. Maybe google gun violence prevention tweets. Center for American Progress. Mike the Gun Guy. The Trace. Coalition to Stop Gun Violence. Gun Violence Archive. Brandy buzz. Everytown. Moms Demand Action. New Trajectory. Newtown Action Alliance. States United. That is just a few. You can see who I retweet @commongunsense.

  1. Tutch says:

    The Trace is funded by Everytown which is funded by Mike Bloomberg. He has been trying to end gun ownership of any kind for quite some time now. If you consult only anti-gun cites for information, then we’ll never find common ground. Just fyi, I lost a cousin to murder during an armed robbery. No one in our family decided it was best to give up our guns because of it. Rather, more of us are armed. Being armed is common sense. (I left another comment at the top most blog but got no notification of moderation nor see it posted.)

    1. So what? It’s about time someone on the gun violence prevention side has money to spend to counter the money spent by the corporate gun lobby which is a hell of a lot by the way. And Bloomberg and people like me are not interested in your guns unless you are a terrorist, a domestic abuser, a felon or someone adjudicated mentally ill. Just FYI I have lost a sister in a domestic shooting. My family has decided the opposite of yours. Being armed is nowhere near common sense. More people are killed by guns every year than guns used in DGUs. And that is a fact. I am not publishing your other comment. You are citing the usual gun lobby false points and it’s far too long and complicated. The bottom line is that too many people are dying from bullets. Unless you can come up with a better way to save lives than more guns, there is no sense in our communicating. And the gun lobby is uncompromising for sure. They oppose anything that is supported by over 90% of the American public. You are in a distinct minority.

      1. ByeFelicia says:

        I see. Good thing I kept a copy. More people save their lives by DGU than lose them, and the 2013 CDC Report ordered by Obama says so. That is actual fact. Go find it at Slate when you’re less emotional. The 90% figure you use is likely based on a Quinnipiac Poll that surveyed 1,446 respondents. That is not 90% of 300M Americans (as in not nearly as representative as you wish it to be nor is it a popular vote). That my genuinely held beliefs match what the NRA advocates means they represent me, a voting citizen equal to you.
        Now I know you choose Double Plus Good Brady Campaign Reasoned Discourse.
        I will not let your irrationality erode my Right to defend my life.

      2. No polls ask 90% of people to get a response that is considered to be statistically significant. There has not been a report from the CDC but President Obama would love to have one. The article to which you refer is an article that mentions the things that a report may study. This is another of the gun lobby’s myths that you apparently believe.
        This one is an article about what needs to be studied regarding DGUs and a summary of various articles and statistics on both sides. There are no conclusions.

        Facts matter. Irrationality is not a good thing when it comes to talking about research and what is actually happening. No one is taking your right to defend your life away. Saying so is a ludicrous exaggeration and total hyperbole not based on any facts.

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